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The difference between a jogger and a runner is an entry form.

-George Sheehan
The Kinderhook Runners Club is proud to be sponsored by the Kinderhook Bank
The Kinderhook Runners Club  

Kinderhook Runners Club

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The Kinderhook Runners Club is proud to be sponsored by the Kinderhook Bank
KRC training for Sean's Run

Runners Clinics

Are you in luck! Right now we're offering the Slow Poke series for us not particularly elite runners; Like maybe a 12 minute pace? For more info go to the
Membership is not required and these races are FREE!

In the Spring, we offer a 10 week clinic for new and returning runners at the Ichabod Crane Track. If you're interested in the low pressure, fun way to get into shape, let us know by emailing us at
Yup, Membership is not required and this too is FREE!

Saturday Morning Runs

We currently have group runs every Saturday morning. Except for the first Saturday of the month, they begin at the Kinderhook Village Square. On the first Saturday, we generally pick an "away" location.
The runs vary each week. Most runs have optional distances from 3, 5, 9, and 12+ miles. The Run of the Week is published on this site in the Members Only section.
If you care to join us some Saturday email us at, and let us know how many will be coming. We'll give you the route, be there to welcome you, and set water out for you as well!

Wednesday Fun Runs

Every wednesday night at 6PM. The runs are 3-5 miles over a Village loop. We meet in the Kinderhook Village Square.
Come join us, anytime !

Special Runs

On the first Saturday of the New Year, KRC sponsors the Tortoise & Hare 5K race. It is a unique handicap run where your starting time is calulated based upon your best 5K of the year. The object: Get everyone to finish together. Well, at least everyone has a chance to win this one.
An Trophy is passed down from year to year. The current custodian having crushed the field in this year's race is Mike Hatch

In the Autumn join us for the Kinderhook Red Apple Run through the Samascott Orchards and Fields. Two distances are offered, a 5K and 10K course.
Both are trail runs, so bring your old muddy sneakers. You know the high tops with the star on the side. We don't want you to slip & slide.

Social Events

We sponsor a number of social events such as the annual Christmas party, and the summer picnic.

More info?

For more information, contact us at

Kinderhook Runners Club

The Kinderhook Runners Club is a local organization formed to promote running in the Kinderhook NY area. The club was formed in January of 2009. As of December 2009, we have over 90 members, generally from the Columbia & Rensselaer County areas, but also from the NY Capital District, Boston, etc. Membership is open to everyone. We have two levels of membership, individual and family with annual dues of $20 and $25 respectively.

Care to join us? Here's a membership application.

Follow us online:

Wednesday Night Runs
3+ miles starting at 6:00PM from Kinderhook Village. All invited!

Sunday Runs
Every Sunday at 8AM there is a slow 5K to 5 mile run/walk in the Village.
These runs are free and you don't need to be a member!
Join us !!!

Saturday Club Runs
Every Saturday morning, rain, shine snow, ice, ... there is a club run.
There are always different routes at different distances for different levels of ability.
Generally they start in the Village.
If you plan on running, please log on and then link here to Club Runs
Come out and join us some Saturday morning.

The KRC is for you!
Looking to get into shape?
Well, join our local running club, NOW!.
For a membership application go HERE .
Hey, over 180 of you neighbors have already joined.

Have a local event you would like advertised?
Email us and if it's appropriate, we'll post it.