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- Hal Atosis

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The KRC Board voted on Sunday, June 28, 2020 to suspend any in-person club activities until further notice. We will continue to promote VIRTUAL running and contests and PLEASE KEEP SHARING your posts on our Facebook page, but no scheduled group runs and NO WEDNESDAY NIGHT FUN RUNS. Be healthy and safe and see you virtually if not from a distance on the roads.

Please check out our occasional newsletter "The Rundown". Thanks for those that sent in pictures, updates and story ideas, and please keep them coming. It's been very encouraging to see the KRC community pull together and support one another. Special thanks to Siobhan Connally who has outdone herself with these very impressive newsletters. Enjoy reading, and please don't forget to share ideas or pictures for future edtions. Stay safe and enjoy the miles.

KRC Virtual Summer Games 2020
July 13 - August 8

KRC's Virtual Olympics have officially concluded for 2020. Thanks to all who participated! If you are on Facebook, we hope you found encouragement and fun in the postings.

Schedule and Rules

The schedule of events will take place over four weeks starting July 13. Each week through August 8, KRC will post activities and distances that individuals and teams can complete however they choose: walking / running / biking. Distances may be consecutive or accumulating over multiple days. We may add new events and challenges as the schedule proceeds.


  • 1st week (7.13 - 7.19): 5k (3.1 miles)
  • 2nd week (7.20 - 7.26): 10k (6.2 miles)
  • 3rd week (7.27 - 8.2): 15k (9.3 miles)
  • 4th week (8.3 - 8.8): 20k (12.4 miles)


  • 1st week (7.13 - 7.19): single event
  • 2nd week (7.20 - 7.26): duathalon
  • 3rd week (7.27 - 8.2): triathalon
  • 4th week (8.3 - 8.8): quatrofecta


Choose your challenge. Families and individuals may team up (virtually of course) and participate in challenge events for a relay or other games. If you choose to go for Gold with an Olympic Streak, Run/Walk/Bike/Canoe/LawnMow/Vacuum (anything active) for the equivalent of one mile a day - every day - from 7.13.20 through 8.8.20. * Be creative and have fun.

KRC 2020 Virtual Spring Running Clinic
May 4 – June 22

Welcome to KRC’s Virtual Spring Running Clinic. KRC has been offering spring clinics to the community over the past years, encouraging runners / walkers to stay active and train for spring races. We are continuing our tradition this year, however, given the world today, we need to adjust a little. We realize the best part of the clinic was being together and socializing. Since we are not able to do that right now, let’s try to motivate and engage with each other the best way we can!

This year, instead of meeting at the track, we will be sending you workouts that you can do from your home. Including some exercises for the kids! We will post them every Monday on our Virtual Running Clinic Facebook page for 8 weeks and ask that you report back by the end of the week with how it went. You can post on our FB page:

KRC's Virtual Running Clinic Facebook Page

Or fill out our google shared document:

KRC Virtual Running Clinic Google shared document

We will keep record of everyone’s workouts and achievements for end of the clinic prizes. Any questions, please contact us @

Kinderhook Runners Club

The Kinderhook Runners Club is a local organization formed to promote running in the Kinderhook NY area. The club was formed in January of 2009. Currently, we have over 150 members, generally from the Columbia & Rensselaer County areas, but also from the NY Capital District, Boston, etc. Membership is open to everyone. We have two levels of membership, individual and family with annual dues of $20 and $25 respectively.

Check out our brochure»Become a member»

2020 OK5k Race -- Postponed until 2021

The 22nd running of the OK5K Race in Kinderhook has been postponed until 2021 as a result of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and New York State being on PAUSE.

While we are disappointed by the need to forgo the race this year, the health of our community of runners and neighbors and friends is of the utmost importance.

Participants and sponsors who have already signed up to run the 2020 event can choose from the following options:

  • They may defer their entries and sponsorships until the 2021 race;
  • Donate their fees to the Valatie food pantry;
  • Have their fees refunded.
Please contact the race director at and visit the OK5k website at

Saturday Morning Runs at 7:00 AM AND Sunday Morning Runs at 8:00AM

The Kinderhook Runners Club has been promoting and hosting weekly runs and other events for over 10 years now. We're a social group and we encourage others to be social with us! Having said that, given the current state of events due to COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to suspend all organized KRC events until further notice.

Of course, if you can still get out there, we do encourage you to get in your miles, albeit solo-style. Here are a couple of running-related links that you may find helpful. Please note, these are provided for information only and they are not endorsed by, nor do they necessarily reflect all of the opinions of the KRC.

Social Events & Races

We sponsor a number of social events such as the annual Christmas party, and our the summer picnic, and the Autumn “Red Apple Trail Run” through the Samascott Orchards and fields.

More info?

For more information, contact us at


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